Last post for EDC3100

I can’t believe prac is already over I had such a great experience and the cross-country on the last day was a perfect day to finish it all of with. Hannaford state school is such a beautiful little school and I’m so blessed to be able to work in such a great environment of children. This practical experience also confirmed my future planning of going rural and teaching to children in rural and remote areas. Just before time to go home the school captain presented me with a card that all the students had signed and this included a few pictures of the class as well. The principal is such an amazing lady I could talk about how great she is all day. She is incredibly loved and respected by all members of the community and her teaching methods are superb. I guess she is the kind of teacher I aspire to be someday and I have really learnt a lot << I didn’t want to leave 🙁 haha. So I guess now’s the time to reflect on what I’ve learnt and put it down on assignment 3… wish me luck and here I go 🙂

Fun Brain

Random question??

* Does anyone have difficulties with typing and then all of a sudden the site closes and you have to start again?

Anyway, since yesterdays big success of finding great online resources from other peoples ideas (because I’m very illiterate when it comes to ICT) and I found some really great resources although I didn’t imbed all of them into my lesson planning they would be very helpful once graduated and out into the work force. One of these however, that was relevant to my prac was Fun Brain which is a really enjoyable resource for all ages. Well I know for a fact that the children that I’m currently working with really enjoy being read to where as this site does it for you. There are also other multiple categories catered for in this link all referring to the Australian Curriculum. Thanks Karen Willis for this great link 🙂




Practice planning

Today I did my first lesson of teaching… It was really a last minute decision when I asked the teacher if she wanted me to run the HPE class while she wrote up the planning for the day. The lesson started out with getting the children lined up at the door and then we went out side and ran around the school for a lap. This is for training for the cross country on the 24th of this month. Children were given the opportunity to run as many laps as they wanted for training for it. After that we practiced our relays and raced each other while I recorded this on the Ipad.  After that children had a quick drink break, we watched the video and the children told me what they could improve on and what they were good at and we jotted these notes down on the interactive white board on the Ipad.After that everyone went inside and we marked the role and started mathematics. The teacher then asked if I could run a play based learning area as well as other subjects so I don’t exactly have a unit of focus. However, I’m loving every minute of it 🙂 how are you guys going with everything?

*  When discussing the importance of an Interactive Ipad I would defiantly recommend going to the link why use a smart board   

Teaching lessons

Well David was right about one thing planning is really hard to follow… I had my plan all set up and ready to go for the ne and the smart board was out of action and the pens weren’t working. So I had to think outside the box and I looked at other blogs… so thanks to Carla Frohloff’s blog (an EDC3100 student) she showed me an app called “Show Me” and it just so happened that I was doing an H.P.E subject at the time. So this app literally saved my life to imbedding ICT into the classroom. Overall, in the end the children surprisingly really enjoyed this subject because the class is so small and there aren’t many apps on the Ipad. So thank-you Carla!

ICT resources used in the classroom

After being in this classroom for a few days I have started to notice a rotational phase in the way the class gets taught. In saying that the main subjects that get taught are English and Mathematics (everything else is covered too but not as much as maths and English). These subjects are implemented into the daily learning of each child throughout a process of 10- 15minutes per activity so when students are onto there ICTs in relation to these subjects they don’t get given much time. Therefore the only ICT resources on the computer are Word, PowerPoint, Study Ladder and a grammar rules disk. In relation to Ipads the whole class only the P-3s use them for spelling words, grammar and mathematic games. Also the smart board resources do not work and it is only used as a video projector for mainly a timer but additionally watching BTN and relevancy to teaching.

Avaliable ICT resources in Hannaford

Today I looked into the available resources that Hannaford has for me to use in my unit plans and it turns out they have…  


Only one problem…










The internet access is terrible and doesn’t work very well at all 🙁 so I’ll have to think of other was to implement ICTs into the classroom. The internet does work but it’s very slow and doesn’t work on laptops so it can’t be taken to an out side environment. So yeah that are all of the ICTs in the classroom minus a few cameras this is all the school has and I love it :D. Hannaford runs on a strict time limit that runs off the projector onto a smart board where children are timed between each lesson.


Aw man I loved every minute of it!! well they say a pictures worth a 1000 words so here’s a few 🙂

Well when I first walked through the door this is the cute little welcome note the children had prepared for me… Which I personally think is adorable haha.








Class started and we all (as in eight students because two were away at sport trials) sat as a group and I got introduced to each member where they each told me there name, age, siblings and a comment or a question they wanted to tell me.

They are such a beautiful bunch of children here’s a quick photo of the whole class

I also got my staffing numbers wrong as well. It turns out that there are two teachers and two teacher aids. One teacher works four days a week in the classroom teaching children literacy and numeracy. On Thursday day another teacher educates students the whole day on sose, history, science and art while the teacher who does four days a week of teaching does the principals job of paperwork.

Overall an awesome day of experience and I can’t wait to graduate to get out and start working 🙂

What to do if theres no internet?

Just imagine for a quick moment that you are on prac and last night you stayed up until early morning planning an experience that integrated information, communication and technology into the curriculum. This planned experience involved 100% effort and was pretty close to the best unit plan you have ever designed until when you arrive at the school and your professional experience teacher tells you that the internet is down. Ba bow!! plans go out the window and you have to start again only improvising this time and this has to align with the curriculum. Situations like this happen only it is our responsibility to be planned for this so this could include:

Situations like this happen only it is our personal responsibility as teachers to plan ahead and for the worst situations. So just a quick heads up for everyone going on professional experience… don’t forget to have a back up plan 🙂

Multi-age classroom: Teaching and ICTs

The reason why I personally chose this given topic is because I’m going to a multi-aged classroom where theres only 10 students from prep to year 7 (as previously discussed in other posts). So I’m putting the shout out for,, & everyone to help we with what you think I should do? After reasearching the given topic I have come to the understanding that:

Overall, David told me to ask my professional experience teacher for what area and age to focus on so that is what I intend to do 🙂


week 10

This week I learnt about assignment 3 again and was pretty much a review on what we got taught last week. However, the overall evaluation of professional experience was thoroughly explained into a more in depth manner. This included what you should talk about throughout the evaluation process which involves success, failures, factors, description, judgement, evidence. The evaluation should link to theory, literature and lesson plans.

 David also discussed topics of interests related to prac. In saying that he asked the class do two blogs on two topics of interests. After some thought throughout group discussions I have decided to choose the topics of…

  •  Multi-age classroom: teaching ICTs 
  • What to do if there’s no internet

So throughout the remaining two post I will discuss these topics and my personal thought process involving this. Please feel free to give me advice as to what you think I should do.