Practice planning

Today I did my first lesson of teaching… It was really a last minute decision when I asked the teacher if she wanted me to run the HPE class while she wrote up the planning for the day. The lesson started out with getting the children lined up at the door and then we went out side and ran around the school for a lap. This is for training for the cross country on the 24th of this month. Children were given the opportunity to run as many laps as they wanted for training for it. After that we practiced our relays and raced each other while I recorded this on the Ipad.  After that children had a quick drink break, we watched the video and the children told me what they could improve on and what they were good at and we jotted these notes down on the interactive white board on the Ipad.After that everyone went inside and we marked the role and started mathematics. The teacher then asked if I could run a play based learning area as well as other subjects so I don’t exactly have a unit of focus. However, I’m loving every minute of it 🙂 how are you guys going with everything?

*  When discussing the importance of an Interactive Ipad I would defiantly recommend going to the link why use a smart board   

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